Mary the Heart Singer (Book + mp3)


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Peculiar sounds are coming from the fell at night and the water of the stream ha s turned brown. The worried forest goblins and animals turn to the fairies for help. Mary, the tiniest of all the fairies sets out on a voyage to awaken humans to collaborate and save the land. Mary has a mysterious gift, but can the little fairy change the minds of humans, or will the iron monsters ravage the nature completely?

Mary the Heart Singer is a music fairytale performed by voice actors. The roots of the story are in the diverse nature of Lapland, and the beautiful piano music is composed bu Jean Sibelius and Leevi Madetoja. Emiel Inkeri Nikula’s magical illustrations bring the fantastical world to life for readers. The fairytale travels through the changin seasons in the land of the midnight sun and the flickering northern lights.

Join the adventure, there is fairy magic in the air!

Story Noora Nikka

Illustrations Emiel Inkeri Nikula

Layout Ada Nieminen/Mainostoimisto Groteski Oy

English translation Simo Vassinen

Publisher MusicFairyTales MFT Oy

Year 2020



MusicFairyTales Mft Oy